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      vera kay

      This landmark mission of removing the treasonous individual from our country is going to require constant prayer support.

      Power is not relinquished voluntarily, it must be taken, not only from those that are indicted but also from their supporters.

      Pray for divine help to have a smooth social transition through this cycle of purging the swamp.

      I call all spiritual warriors into action right now before the opposition raises up its head in a physical battle.

      Prayer is the best ways I can help and it may be the same for many of us.

      “Let’s not let it be said we did nothing when the devil made his boldest move to abort our national destiny!”

      Thank you for your part in this victory.

      Vera K

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      Yes praying for the successful outcome of this War is needed, but if that’s the Only thing that you do, you’re not engaging in actions. Everyone prays to someone or something, but You must take actions that will further the cause.

      The Apostle Paul said to pray incessantly, but he did that While evangelizing the entire Gentile world, and even Rome itself.

      The need is for soldiers and support staff. But you can always do numerous things at once!

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      vera kay

      I have come in contact with a lot of people in my work teaching at-risk teens and doing healing therapies with adults. What i have heard from many people is that they have not had the benefit of spiritual training or spiritual practice.

      And even those of us who do pray can appreciate encouragement and a reminder to not slack at the eleventh hour of victory.

      In these days of complex situations that seem to defy justice, that seem to be beyond human solution, we need to ask God to intercede. There is a divine solution for every problem. Prayer is necessary to invite divine intercession which I believe is the greatest healer of individuals and of society.

      I am also active politically. I agree with the importance of taking action.

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      Truth, Vera Kay. Nature abhors a vacuum.

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      I will pray constantly for protection through our Lord Jesus Christ!

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      Those who follow darkness have no future. God has prophesied he is the ruler of the Heavens and the Earth. We pray for our government, our Military, our Courts, and for our own families. The light is shining and I’ve never been more sure of it.

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      Heavenly Father, we who have come to trust through your Son, the Lord Jesus are instructed by Him to come to you directly in His name. We thank you for this access by grace granted to us by the forgiveness of sins through the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ.

      We are encouraged to pray because He has told us that whatever we ask you according to your will, you will be pleased to grant us because of your mercy and love for all mankind. We know that it is your will that none should perish and that all should come to a knowledge of the truth. So we thank you for the great awakening that has already begun so that the enemy of our souls and his followers may be exposed. We confess that we, like your disciples in the garden of Gethsemane, have been asleep and unable to pray with you for those that are not yet awake. It is because of our fear of the enemy that we have drifted off and not aware of the times in which we live.

      Yet we thank you that you have not given us the spirit of fear, but you have given us the power of a sound mind and caused us to awake out of our sleep. Help us Lord to pray for our enemies. Help us to recognize the enemies tactics and influences in our lives so that he no longer will have power over us.

      We pray that you will raise up an army of souls dedicated to your truth so that the seven headed beast of world empire that the Lord Jesus revealed to us will remain wounded and unable to come to full power until your Holy Spirit that now restrains it is removed. We pray for President Trump and other like minded regional leaders that they continue to learn to respect you and acknowledge your sovereign rule over the nations. We pray for wisdom to be granted them and success in wielding the sword of human government as a check on the evil one, ending the scourge of human trafficking and drugging of our youth.

      We pray that the designs of the evil one to threaten, kill and maim to act as a cover and distraction of deeper evils will be frustrated and exposed so that all may see the depths of Satan that exist among human governments. We pray that as these evils are exposed that many will turn to God from idols and receive your forgiveness of sins and promise of eternal life.

      We praise you for revealing your will to us that we can know how to pray and that it may please you to reveal yourself to many to the praise of your glory. We give thanks for your mercy in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

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      ??? Amen!

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