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C-VINE Fundraising Task Force

C-VINE runs off of volunteers and donations. As C-VINE expands so do our expenses and this task force keeps us going. Please fill out the form below a [...]

C-VINE Prayers Brigade

If you have a heart to pray we are always looking for prayer warriors. Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we've had [...]

C-VINE Classroom Support

The education side of C-VINE focuses on bringing truth in all areas. If you are interested in assisting with  classroom management, support or adminis [...]

C-VINE Technical Support Team

Our technical support team manages many of the behind the scenes operations. We are always looking for skilled support people who are willing to share [...]

C-VINE Administrative Support Team

Our administrative support team is crucial to running C-VINE smoothly. If you have an administrative background and are looking to volunteer with C-VI [...]

C-VINE Journalist Task Force

Our journalists report the latest breaking news backed by verifiable evidence. If you are interested in becoming a C-VINE journalist please fill out t [...]
1 2 3 57 10 / 564 POSTS